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Who We Are

Unibol was founded in 1949 by a visionary in Barranquilla. Thanks to his perseverance and tenacity could overcome great obstacles that did not stop him from continuing with his dreams and build a great company.

His desire to keep growing was transmitted to the next generation who continued with his legacy. This aspect has become the impulse of all Unibol work teams in their projects and their objective of giving high quality products to their customers.

70 years after being founded unibol is a company with a great projection which serves market in more than 15 countries and has a presence in a large part of national territory. Its strategic position in Barranquilla's port makes Unibol a company with great growth opportunities in the international market.

The good reputation and strength of the company have made it a strategic ally of important organizations at national and international level.

Nowadays in Unibol, we perceive the future with great expectations. Based on our founder philosophy, we are aware that we have great goals to achieve and the clear purpose of never giving up.

unibol vemos el futuro

Our Technology

Our products are 100% made of natural cellulose fiber from the pre-consumer waste, post-consumer waste and remanufactured goods. Our products are supported by high technology production process, quality control and continuous improvement in order to guarantee its quality and a better use of the resources during each one of the production processes. In this way, we contribute to environmental protection.

In Unibol, We permanently innovate in research, development and improvement of processes. Likewise, we are constantly working on training and development of the human talent that integrates the Unibol S.A.S team.

la mejor tecnologia la mejor tecnologia

In Unibol
We produce better the paper!

Fibers 100% recycled

Natural Environment

Unibol manufactures paper from 100% recycled fibers, which contributes greatly to the preservation of forests, since it avoids felling trees and increases the useful life of landfills, avoiding that recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper being unnecessary thrown away.

The company has water recovery and recirculation systems. It also generates 100% of its required energy , profiting from it the generated hot gases and thus produce 40% of its steam demand at the time of drying the paper.

For the wastewater treatment, Unibol has a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), which guarantee to greatly exceed the limits required by the law with regard to water discharge.


In Unibol we produce better the paper and are committed to

  • Optimize our processes, producing and marketing quality papers and packaging, with a high level of service, to have more satisfied customers and consumers.
  • Encourage safe behavior and continuously improve workplaces, to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Control the risks in our operations.
  • Efficient use of natural resources and prevent or mitigate significant environmental impacts.
  • Comply with the requirements applicable to the Organization and prevent illicit activities.


ISO 9001 Certification

Our QMS has allowed the standardization of processes, promoting the achievement and the continuous improvement of the quality of the products, in order to satisfy the needs and fulfill our clients’ requirements.

To manufacture a high quality product which satisfies our customers' needs is one of our pillars.

It is our responsibility to always promote the continuous improvement of the activities that allow us to comply with the applicable requirements.

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BASC Certification

To guarantee the security and reliability in the exports of our products, our company has been evaluated and approved with respect to the BASC security standards.

Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC) is a voluntary program of bilateral collaboration, which strengthens the commitment of legitimate companies in international trade and examines in its entirety the commercial process seeking to develop a safe environment.

The objective of this association is to promote among its members the development and execution of preventive actions, aimed at preventing the smuggling of merchandise and narcotics through legitimate trade.

This program promotes and supports the increase of security standards in the Colombian export sector.

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Occupational Health and Safety Management (SST)

Protecting the health and safety of all our employees (our own, on mission, contractors and subcontractors) is one of our main commitments, which is why we have developed strategies and programs that promote the promotion of a culture of self-care and identification, evaluation, evaluation and control of risks.

It is everyone's responsibility to carry out our activities in a safe way!

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